If I seriously follow your method does it guarantee any results?

96% of our customers are satisfied with the results obtained by the end of their program. Our method is suitable for all men, whatever your age or the current size of your penis.
This program works in both a scientific and a biological way. The program is naturally compatible with your penis. Feel free to read the how it works section in order to understand the principles of our exercises.

When will I see results?

Our method is suitable for any man but the time required to achieve results depends on your physiognomy.
Some of our members have increased a few inches in less than a month but most of them have to follow the program in full to get the desired results.
In most cases, your penis gain will occur mostly in the last two months of exercise (the complete method lasts 4 months). It's easy to explain this: In the beginning you must teach your penis to receive a larger amount of blood in the cavernosa and spongiosum corpora. Once you overcome this stage, as the cells are already very flexible they will expand much faster.

How many inches can I gain with this method?

46% of our members gained 1.2 inches after the fourth month, 36% gained 0.80 inches, 14% gained 0.60 inches and finally only 4% gained just 0.40 inches. If at the end of your course you are not satisfied with the results, you may continue for an extra month. As we explained earlier, your penis will grow in length and girth mostly during the third month. It will look bulkier and the tip will be more dilated. So this is certainly not the time to slacken your efforts!

Are the exercises difficult to do?

The exercises are very progressive. They are easy at the beginning and become more and more « difficult » during your progress. But don't worry, your penis will be better prepared and the exercises will be a piece of cake!
We have made every effort to simplify your understanding of the program. You will have a schedule of sessions to perform, and for each exercise of your program, a practical guide with a video will show you the right thing to do.

Are you sure the exercises are safe for my health and my penis?

Compared to external methods like surgery, injections or penis weights, which are dangerous for your health and have questionable results, our method is 100% natural. It represents no risk for your health or your penis and you will have more conclusive results.

Are the results permanent?

Yes. As we explained, the increase in blood pressure allows the blood cells of the spongy and cavernous corpora to enlarge. The results are permanent because these cells do not shrink. It's a bit like gaining weight : the amount of fat increases and if you do nothing it stays that way. Keep in mind that the penis is not a muscle and the alveolis once expanded can't shrink. It's like an elastic once it has been distended.

Will I receive something at my house?

It's up to you!
We offer capsules to accompany your program. These are completely natural, without any danger for your health. These are supplements that will improve your strength and your ability to successfully perform your exercises. You are not obliged to receive them, it is up to you.
Once you become a subscriber you will be prompted to enter your mailing address to receive your capsules but nothing says you have to, it is an additional service we offer to improve your learning.

Will the information I provide remain confidential?

Of course. We are fully aware that it can be embarrassing to subscribe to a penis enlargement course. All your information is confidential and will remain this way. The method name will not appear on your credit card statement and if you choose to receive the capsules, they will be packed in a conventional and anonymous package.

What they say

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